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How can Impact Career Pathways support individuals?

We provide services to help individuals to build work readiness skills, explore career pathways, and access internships and other employment opportunities. Our team of experts works with each individual to develop a personalized plan that meets their unique needs and goals.

What types of work readiness training does Impact Career Pathways offer?

Our work readiness training includes a range of skill-building activities such as resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, workplace communication, and time management. We also offer job shadowing and mentoring opportunities to help individuals gain hands-on experience in their field of interest.

Is there a cost for Impact Career Pathways' services?

Our services prioritize accessibility and affordability for all through private pay options. We customize eligibility to suit your unique requirements and are dedicated to discovering the ideal solutions for you. Let us lead you through the avenues to access our exceptional services.

What kind of support do you provide for job placement?

We offer a range of job placement services, including job search assistance, resume and cover letter review, interview preparation, and negotiation skills. We also work closely with employers to identify job opportunities and ensure a good match between the individual's skills and the job requirements.

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